Monday, December 19, 2011

End of Another Year

It's mid December, another year gone. This fall has been cooler than most, about average for rain. The Hummingbird population feeding in the backyard has taken a drop over the last month. Feeder drainage has almost cut if half, from 2-3 gallons per day to around 1 gallon per day. I thought all the migrating birds had left by October, but maybe there were more waiting until late November to move on. That or a few regulars have become very territorial and are chasing a lot of birds away. I do not see a lot of evidence for the latter.

There are still a fair number of bees around, especially when the weather warms up and there is an abundance of sun.

On other small bird news, for the last few months, a House Wren has taken up overnight quarters on top of one of the 'birdcams' in the back corner of the backyard. His own personal heater on the chilly fall/winter nights. This may or may not be the same Guy who helped raise a family in the Western Bluebird box in the same corner as the hummingbird 'feeder trees'. I decided to clean out the mass of twigs and debris inside of the box about a month ago in prep for the new season. I have not looked to see if there is new activity in there, but for sure, the same Western Fence Lizard that has been sunning on the box for a year or so is still there on warm sunny days. Wrens and lizards in the Bluebird box, but no Bluebirds!