Thursday, May 10, 2012

Orioles and Bunnies

It's May 10th and we are in to May gray and soon June gloom. But, the morning - evening fog has mostly been thin and clearing early in the mornings.

Plenty of Hooded Orioles at the feeders and 'playing' around the backyard. I spotted 5 adult males at one time last Sunday.  Lots of hummingbirds, as well. Mostly Anna's but Blackchinneds and Costa's also.

Speaking of feeders, not so many bees. I am trying a suggestion from a Wunderground acquaintance. 'Brush vegetable oil on the base', bees don't like it. Seemingly, they don't! Makes for a slippery feeder, so care in refilling is called for. And I am not sure of effects on the sugar water from mixing - by me or the birds. So far, the birds don't seem to mind (much, anyway - can't tell). Application frequency will be once a week, if not more often. I hope this will be a long term solution. It is easy to bee proof feeders, but then the orioles are proofed as well. Not the solution I am looking for.

I did not realize bunnies would be so fond of bird seed. I put out a large clay pot base with seed for the morning doves and whatever. Very soon after in the early mornings, bunnies would be sitting in the saucer munching away. I put the saucer on a 5 gallon paint tub ( a little over a foot off the ground) and the next day, bunny was up in saucer on tub. Need a new plan.

Not sure what happened to all of the Lesser Finches feeding on the finch sock. Shortly after putting up one, there were 8-10 buzzing around. Lately, only 2-4. Maybe a dud batch of nyger seed.