Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Orioles

Update April 29

A capture off of a blog by Ylee on Wunderground weather site who is linking to the Hummer cam.

It's Earth Day 2013, a good day to reflect on nature - and post a few photos of bird antics in the backyard. Bird activity is up as the weather warms up a bit.

Lesser finches and hummers hanging out together at dinner time.

Mourning dove scratching around for some seeds. 

Adult male hooded oriole snacking.

Birds in the Birds of Paradise! I did not see the female oriole at first, bonus 2 for 1!

It's getting late, the flash has given the hummers eye shine!

The elusive (and migratory) Rufus hummingbird. There may be one or two in the area, they are recent arrivals. Always nice to see visitors mixing with the local residents!

Adult male hooded oriole handing out on the back fence.

I see you! The orioles are very wary, peeking out from around the feeders after each sip.

Another? adult male getting a drink.

A blurry shot of a Rufus and maybe an Allen's (perching left side) and an Anna's perching right side. The Allen's are migratory also, but sometimes, one will seem to be here all year long.

A funny shot, possible siblings playing around with their food!

A young male hooded oriole, colors are not bright but his dark bib is showing up, not black yet.