Saturday, January 28, 2012

Evening Hummers

Beginning of sugar log - Jan  27 50 lbs
I got a few better photos from the next day.

Just waiting their turn!

Bad luck to say the bees were gone, lots today..  ggrrrrr

Friday, January 27, 2012

Summer in January

It may be the weather - or just a few weeks later. The local population of hummers in the backyard has gone up lately. As of a month or so ago, feeder volume was around a gallon a day spread among the dozen or so feeders. That has gone up to 2-3 gallons per day now with very active dinner crowds around 5 PM. I was surprised yesterday and did not prepare soon enough for the photo op. Today I will expect a crowd and try to get better photos. Here are a couple -

Hoovering room only!

This is the favorite feeder tree.

Last dinner bell!

There are a couple locations around the yard with feeders that have been taken over by very territorial Anna's again. These smaller feeders will last for several days while the larger ones shown (obviously being shared!) will last a day or less.
I need to find a way to convey the sound in this corner of the yard when it is dinner time - a surprisingly loud low droning hum (imagine that, described as a hum!) fills the air.

At least for a while - the honey bees have moved on, the little bit of rain and cooler weather (until the last couple days and next few) may be keeping them closer to the hive and farther from the feeders.
OK, that was bad luck to say because today there are lots of bees back - I did say the weather has been super nice and warm though.