Monday, February 6, 2012

Early Afternoon

Feb 19 - a little more like winter, cloudy cool - 60s for today. We took a 4 day get away last weekend. The most active feeders ran dry after a couple days and quite a few hummers left for sweeter pastures. A week later, half or so have returned, over all activity is still down. but rising. It is harder than I imagined to have someone take over filling feeders, especially when you have a variety of types.

Another beautiful day in January, the hummers are out in force.

 A bit crowded, no collisions!

 Monkey Flowers (mimulus), hummers are often seen checking out the blooms.

 Where are the girls? Some male Anna's filling up and showing a bit of color.

Zoom Zoom!

We have a bit of inclement weather coming in for a day, then back to sunny weather for the birds.
I have about 15 one gallon jugs loaded with sugar ready and waiting. If the feeding pace keeps up, should last about a week. I keep meaning to move the time lapse camera closer to the feeders to see how that views. Next week, maybe.