Friday, November 27, 2009

Mine - Mine - Mine

After a fantastic Thanksgiving, I spent some time looking for a few territorial hummers Friday. I expected as much, but haven't had much time to look. Sure enough. Three male Anna's at different areas of the yard guarding their bounty.

Here is a guy hogging one of the largest feeders. He runs off anyone who gets near. Six feet from his booty there are 5 feeders on one stand and  14 or so birds feeding away!

One feeder is out of sight below the rest. This is the community  area I guess.

This guy is not even next to a feeding port, just making sure no one else gets any!

This guy sits about 8 feet from 'his' feeder keeping an eagle eye out for ne'er do wells pilfering from his stash. His runs them off (and I mean 'runs them off'! 20-30 yards at least)then comes back to his roost to stand guard some more. The other hummers only chase the offenders for 5-10 feet. What ever gets it done.
I need to re-think my feeder strategy so I am not wasting too much food at the feeders that are being 'Bogarted'

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