Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another New arrival

The weather has cooled a bit and just as last Sunday - we are awaiting a storm. Last Monday we got .12" from what I expected to be the last of our rainy season.
The hummingbirds are getting a little treat from some of the native plants beginning to bloom. Penstemons and Monkeyflowers are really producing blooms and the hummers are checking them out. 
I spotted the first Costa's hummingbird this morning as I filled up some of the feeders. They look a little like Anna's except that their iridescent head feathers are a vibrant purple. That puts the type count to 4 - Anna's (year round), Rufus, Blackchin, and Costa's. There is a chance we may get a few Calliope hummers.
The Orioles are doing well and a few days ago I saw the first immature male - probably one of this years offspring. The immature females look just like the mature females so they would be hard to detect.

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