Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Beautiful weather and Thanksgiving Day with family! It has been cool over night (frost Thursday morning) and the hummers are a little slow to the 'breakfast table'. But by 7:30 AM they are ready to go! Old Guy update: he may have moved his territory to the side yard. 2 feeders there are draining slowly and I caught a glimpse of a male Anna's who looks close to the profile.
I sat out with the hummers for a while this afternoon and tried to get a few pics of the males showing off there highlights.
Here are a four getting cozy while getting a snack!
I did not know hummers got Tats! the guy on the left has one right on the top of his head.
This guy has a case of pinhead going on. I rarely see them in that condition.
Here is 'The Lookout', he has got the high ground staked out.

It's a western bluebird box, I mean western fence lizard. It seems to be a favorite hangout for this guy. it is the box that had a family of house wrens this spring.

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