Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost Christmas

It is almost Christmas and this year the hummers got an early present in the form of an additional feeder post with 4 spots for feeders. It is about 5 feet from their favorite feeder post but they do not seem too keen on the new one yet. Creatures of habit, I suppose. The bees seem more excited about it, although not for several days since the drizzle moved in. The bees are nowhere to be seen, they will be back with the sun I am sure. Lots of birds still around, about 1 gallon a day of nectar as a reference. The birds also got 2 aloe plant cuttings donated to them a week ago. They are in the ground, time will tell if they root and thrive. They each have a bloom stalk which, so far, have not fallen off. I take that as a positive sign.

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