Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mild Winter for the Hummingbirds So Far

Most of January and now half of February has been pretty mild - weatherwise. This may change a little this week as rain and a cool down are supposed to be on the way. But this morning the weather is fine, 77 degrees out by the main feeder area.

One of the elder guys, if not the old guy, is hanging out next to his feeder chasing off anyone that might have thoughts of pilfering from his territory.

Here is a photo of one of the hummers with backlighting and wings a blur.

This is a manzanita in full bloom, as small as the flowers are, the hummers like them for a treat.

The orioles should be a month or so away - they were here March last year.

Thanks for commenting Garrett, hope you saw my response.


  1. Yes, thanks for your response! That reminds me of my grandfathers place when I was a kid. He had about an acre backyard, and it was flat, covered in grass and had a large canopy of ash, oak, etc. He had about 5-6 feeders up and it was so busy during migration that he had to come home on his lunch breaks to refill. I just moved into a new place with a lot of green space out back and I put up a couple of feeders. I have 3-4 Anna's right now but noticed a Rufous just yesterday! I am going to put out an oriole feeder soon as well. I hope to get some more visitors over the next couple of years like you!

  2. Hi Garrett, sounds like a good start! Nice, a Rufous! I don't see them over the winter and only a few during spring and fall as they pass by. They are a favorite - with their cool brown 'tux'.