Thursday, September 1, 2011

First of September

Summer has arrived over the last couple weeks, 80s to mid 90s are the norm now and by the middle of next week some reports expect high 90s.

The hummers are in high form, 2-3 gallons a day and much activity. Seeing more Allen's, not sure if any Rufus are in town. Morning and evening are quite a show!

I looked back to last year's blogs and see that the Hooded Orioles were still here (though in low numbers) on Sept 11 - but by the 16th they were gone for the year. I have seen 3 females this morning, we shall see how long before they leave. As last year, the females are the last to go.

We will be gone for 4 days and are trying out having someone keep up the feeders while we are away. Hopefully this works out, otherwise the feeders will all be empty tomorrow and maybe all the bids will move on! Maybe I need to work on 1 or 2 gallon feeders instead of using these tiny 16-48 ounce feeders!

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