Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awaiting The Return

It's the second week of March - if last year is an indication, the Orioles should begin to arrive in a week. I thought they may be early this year - what with the mild winter/early spring. Last year a colorful male was first to be sighted in the backyard. I need to start preparing the feeders for the orioles. Only one 'Oriole feeder' is configured for orioles. The rest have been modified for bee resistance. Speaking of which, typically, the bees are not a problem until closer to summer. They have been more consistently a problem this year.
Update March 9, reading yesterday's local paper last night - Scott's Orioles have been sighted in Escondido as well as Western Bluebirds. Hoping to see the orioles in my backyard soon.

A bit off topic - Rice Paddy art (not quite crop circles!)

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