Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Slow Return

Update - March 4
A couple new photos at the bottom. Countdown to Orioles returning has begun. Should be soon and the Hooded Orioles ought to be back!

For almost a month the hummingbird population has been way down. Feeder mix levels went from 1-2 gallons per day to some days no need to fill, average volume was more like 1-2 quarts. No idea what the cause, may have been the small hawk frequenting the backyard - maybe not. There is evidence that it has caught at least a couple hummers.

 Okay, so this is a Western Fence lizard and not a hummer. But he likes hanging out in the western bluebird box (that has never had a western bluebird in it). This is at least 2 years now he has made himself at home.

 A Male Anna's

 Bit of a crowd at the oriole feeder (too early for orioles), a couple of female Anna's and a male Anna's

 I just thought this was a cool wing shot.

 Here are a couple female Anna's, Behind the birds is a manzanita is full bloom. The birds use the bush for cover as well as going for the flowers, small as the blooms are.
  Male Anna's showing some color as he sits in a favorite bush near the grouping of feeders.

 A couple of male Anna's sharing. Since the Anna's don't migrate, they are the vast majority of hummers right now. Too early for the migratory hummers to be showing up.

 He and his Shadow!!??

How many feeders can one hummer guard? This older male Anna's is turning away all comers from 3 to six feeders. The feeders are all within 5 feet of each other, but he has to stay busy to keep them all for himself!! The feeders in this corner of the yard are generally communal and this is the first time I have seen a hummer try to bogart this area.

A Pacific Chorus frog in neighbors backyard pond. Maybe an inch - max 1.5" not counting the long legs. Very loud regardless of size!!
 Regular visitor to backyard.

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