Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Already

Haven't posted for awhile, geez - July already!

Possibly good news (unless bee population has crashed big time!), the new feeder array seems to be less desirable to the bees but still acceptable to the orioles :) Most all oriole feeders are now First Nature oriole (or hummingbird, the only difference is color) 32 oz feeders. No bee problem yet, a few bees around, but that's fine!

There is a good mix of hummers showing up and in big numbers - over 2 gallons a day of sugar water mix now, whew!

Pardon the photo blast!

I think we have a Blackchin, Anna's, and Allen's here

Same feeder - an Allen's, note green back

Not sure here, maybe Anna's, Allen's, and unknown female

Blackchin and female

Quite a crowd, in the shade so a bit hard to ID but the Blackchins favor this area

I am pretty sure the next two shots are Rufous, note NOT green back, but this time of year would be unusual as they are migratory and should be up north - as far as Washington and Alaska!

Lots of Hooded Orioles this year, enjoying their antics and vocalizations - they seem to know how to party!
 Most of the birds partake in the fountain - hummers to orioles. Here a couple of lesser finches cool off in the water!

I am a little worried about a long winter judging by the quantity peanuts our two scrub jays are salting away !

3-12 mourning doves usually visit each day
Only occasional visits by the sharp shinned hawk (fortunately) and regular visits by squirrel and rabbits - grrr... So except for that, it has been a great summer so far!

As always - a click on a photo will show full size!

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  1. That hummer you "think" is a rufous sure looks like the rufous that visit my feeder. If you see him/her chasing everyone else away, then you can count on it being a feisty rufous. It's a wonder that they manage to stop fighting long enough to make babies.

    Your sugar log is very impressive. No orioles where I am, but still, I thought my paltry 25 pounds for May-June was a lot.

    Very nice collection of photos. Well worth the time to wait for them to load through my slow connection. Keep 'em coming, Patrick!

    I think the bird bath photos are not from your cam, but it might be interesting to point the feeder cam at the bird bath, especially during hot weather. I'll bet there is a lot of great activity going on there, too.