Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer in October

It's October 10th, 2010 or as some have said - 10 10 10, earlier this day was 10h:10m:10s. Such a binary occasion, what could it all mean? Seems to mean "it is going to be hot today!' 92 degrees by 2 o'clock.

Old Guy hummer report: possible sighting - old guy behavior for sure, with a twist. He is still guarding his favorite feeder ( but losing the battle midday to the bees). But early in the AM and later in the PM he is hanging out on a ledge created by the outside window treatments. I think it may be warmer there than elsewhere, but who knows. Also, I was not sure what was happening to his tail feathers until I got a closer look. He's molting, just as Phinny (pinhead, photo to follow) the parrot is.
Of course, they all do it, just the first time I have seen a hummer doing it. I don't know if somewhat limited flexibility is keeping him from getting the casings off quickly. The bill condition is slightly improved.

 Here's the pin head, although it will be more noticeable in a couple weeks.

A photo of an Anna's showing some tail to a female, she's watching but not too impressed!

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