Friday, July 8, 2011

Back from a short vacation

Just back from a great trip to Cabo San Lucas, seems like we brought some hot muggy weather with us. Actually, it got here while we were gone - not our fault!

I tried to load up the feeders to last but most emptied out and seems like around half the birds (hummers and orioles) left for greener (nectary?) pastures. Even the honey bees are fewer. Since Tuesday, I have seen a slight up tick in population.

Still seeing a good variety of hummingbirds, possibly a Rufus, though I did not get a good look at the backside to be sure. And a couple families of orioles are still coming 'round. Speaking of visitors - just before we left (while the weather was still cool) I got a couple pics of a red shoulder hawk that has been (still is) hanging out.

I missed, by a couple of seconds, getting a fun photo of a hummer circling the hawk while he was he was sitting on the fence.

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