Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mid Summer Activity

It's almost the end of July, the weather in North San Diego County has been very nice - save for a couple days earlier this month when it was around 90 F. Certainly, compared to much of the rest of the USA, we are sitting pretty. The birds seem to be enjoying the low to mid 80s. Our Desert Willows (Chilopsis linearis) are beginning to bloom in earnest and the hummingbirds are checking the flowers for nectar along with the feeders. Where as most of the trees have a reddish maroon bloom, one of the 2 trees we have has white blooms.
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Hummingbird activity is quite high now, well recovered from the first of the month when we were gone for 4 days and the feeders ran dry. Have seen several female Rufus or Allen's but not males. They must be around somewhere. Blackchinned and of course lots of Anna's.

The Honey Bees are a bit of a problem still, more so for the Orioles since their feeders are harder to 'bee proof' and still give access to the Orioles. A work in progress... Speaking of Orioles, at least a couple families are visiting the backyard, based on adult males and juvenile males. Click click - as they launch from the spring loaded Perky feeders, and the 'R2D2 beeps, clicks, and whirs' when several meet up at or near a feeder to play continues to crack me up!

A little off topic, but it seems to be the time for baby lizards to hatch. Starting to see the tiniest little guys running around, maybe an inch long - tail included. Pictures later if one will stay still long enough.

Update: New photos July 28th
Here are a couple baby Side Splotch lizards making their home around the back patio.
Grrr, I'm big and fierce! This little guy is up and posing.

Ouch, my tail. This guy is missing a bit of his tail. They both are about an inch long.

 The birds and the Bees. Dinner time in the neighborhood, a few females of undetermined spicies and a Blackchinned (and honey bees)

 A couple waiting turns in a holding pattern

 Our little bit of 'haven'!

Thirsty female hooded oriole, can't tell if adult or youngster, though not so svelte as the fledglings might be, so my guess is adult.

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