Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last weekend of March

It still feels like Summer - March 28th and temps have been tickling 90 for the last several days. Should be around 75. No rain lately, of course, still about 50% of what we should have by this date.

We do have orioles, though! And confirmation of the fledglings coming around, I have seen at least one young male. Here are a couple captures from the feedercam today -

This shows the young male to the right. He has his black bib, but is not brightly colored like the adults.

 This one could be 2 young or older females or young males center and right, they are facing away so can't tell ;-)

Plenty of hummers around, though none in these shots! There is at least one Male Rufous hummer hanging around. And I saw a Blackchinned yesterday, first for the year - I think. There should be lots of them later.
It has been a very long time since I've seen a calliope, but we have a couple Allen's helping to keep the many many Anna's company! 

Other birds stopping by lately include -
red winged blackbirds
California towhees
lesser finches
scrub jays
mourning doves
common ground doves (so small!)
dark eyed juncos
and still - sharp shinned hawk - the one I don't want to see!

Birds noted soaring lately
red tail hawks
red shoulder hawks
turkey vultures


  1. Such a treat to see the orioles. They are such beautiful birds. There is even one in the current cam view - either a female or juvie male - its back to the cam. That new hi-def cam is really capturing some great shots.

    I saw a few birds in the time-lapse, but I'm not sure if they were hummers or orioles. What I did enjoy seeing was all the clouds that came in with the wind moving the trees, then the clouds went pink at sunset.

    The rufous have arrived in numbers this year - I was concerned at the low counts the last two years. I wonder why they even bother with my sugar-water as it seems they spend more calories chasing each other away than they get from the feeders. I do wish I could be fast enough on the draw with my camera to catch some of the gorget displays, but they only last for a fraction of a second and then they are 50 feet away.

    1. Hi BC, The more I watch the new cam, the less excited I am with the old one ;-) Maybe the optics are filmy. It does not have the same res though.

      I think I have one or two Male rufous hanging around - they are not so bold though, maybe because they are so out numbered. I like that flash of brown and strawberry gorget! I'm glad you got a big turnout :-)