Sunday, April 5, 2015

April Activity

A lot of activity in the backyard early this month. Definitely seeing the new oriole youngsters showing up with the parents at and around the feeders. Always fun to watch the young ones playing, chasing each other around.
It seems like the number of hummers in on the increase as well. A couple days ago I had the first ID on a Costa's hummingbird - a handsome male with purple gorget.

Here are a few recent photos -

Nice wing detail

 A couple of hooded oriole males having a 'discussion' about who's turf this is ;-)

A bit of a long shot of the Costa's hummer

 The pair of scrub jays that have been keeping us company for a couple years now!

Lesser finch cleaning up :-)

Spotted Easter Sunday - Turkey Trot - a wild turkey strolling through the neighborhood!

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  1. Another great collection of resident birds. I really enjoy seeing the orioles and, of course, hummers are always a delight. Scrub jays are handsome. And here I thought Wild Turkey was a brand of whiskey! I never thought one might actually be a neighbor of yours.