Sunday, March 13, 2011

The First Orioles of Spring

A couple new gadgets added to blog, time lapse of the last 24 hours is most significant.

Spring must be here! Its been 365 days since the first sighting last year, it was Saturday 13th of March 2010. That is pretty good timing! No photo yet, when there is only one - opportunities are fewer. No new sighting of hummer as they pass through yet. Judging by the amount of sugar usage, the population is pretty stable right now.

Update 3/21 - Okay, first photo of Hooded oriole this year, a capture off of webcam - poor quality, but there he is.

Some other signs of spring -

Blue Eyed Grass beginning to bloom

A couple of male Anna's sharing some lunch.


  1. That is cool to hear the orioles are back! I haven't seen any at my feeders yet. In your experience are the orioles skittish or shy around people or other birds?

  2. The Hooded orioles definitely seem skittish around people (at least me). 25-30 feet is about as close as I can get compared to less than one foot for the hummers. Harder to get good photos, for sure. Other birds don't seem to bother then much.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    I was wondering if you put oranges out for the orioles and were you originally trying to attract them or did they just happen to start showing up at your feeders? Sorry for all the questions but it seems like you are having a lot of success with your setup!

  4. Hi Garrett,
    In the beginning, I did not do anything for the orioles. They just showed up at one of the hummer feeders that had large enough holes. Once I saw an oriole, I 'had to' get some feeders for orioles. I have tried orange slices, but have never seen orioles nibble on them. They do like Welches grape jelly though!