Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orioles Are Beginning to Show Up

Quick note - The 'time lapse' is new and though it goes fast, you can see the orioles at the feeders. You can also signup for email notice when an update is added to the blog.

Today is the first day I have seen more than one hooded oriole at the same time, so I know there is more than one and not just seeing the same one repeatedly. The best non-visual clue is the chatter they make when more than one are in close proximity. There are at least 3 males in the area now, should soon be seeing the females. The first photo shows the 3rd male, the next photo is two in the dead 'hummingbird bush'.

It is a bit hard to see the second one, he is left and down a bit from the easy one to see. Below is an (and maybe the) old guy guarding his feeder (just below him out of the photo).

Still have not identified any other hummers besides Anna's yet - soon, I suspect.

I will get better photos of orioles later, had to zoom in a lot and camera shake is blurring the shots a bit.

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