Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is on the Way

February went out with a blast of cold and rain. Seems to have left the Hummers with a big appetite. I came home to a backyard of hungry and maybe annoyed birds, all of there feeders were empty. By the time I mixed up 3 gallons of fresh drink (required to refill all the feeders), it was dark and the birds were gone. At least this morning breakfast was ready to go!

We should just be a week or two away from the first Hooded Orioles showing up, unless the unusually cold and rainy weather affects their timing. They are a sure sign of spring here. Have not seen any migrating hummers either, yet.


  1. Hi Patrick, fyi I saw several Allen's or Rufous yesterday afternoon (I can't tell).....but they haven't found the feeders I put up yet. Also put out the oriole feeder in hopeful anticipation of an early arrival. Have you ever seen any really uncommon hummingbird species at your feeders? What about oriole types?

  2. Hi Garrett, nice sighting on the 'brown' hummers. Of course, they have to stay still, but the Rufous should brown on front and back sides, the Allens are less brown on front. The rare ones for us are Rufous and Calliope hummers. Blackchins and Costas get more common in spring and summer. Orioles should be soon here, the only ones I have ever seen are Hooded Orioles coming in from Arizona and Mexico. Usually, 4-5 pairs show up and raise young ones.